Workshops Children workshop : Dialogue with light


Children workshop : Dialogue with Light

Time: 15th Jan.2017 (Sunday) 14:30-16:30 

Location: VIP Entrance, 1F, Power Station of Art (Please arrive at PSA 15 minutes in advance)

Participants: children aged from 7 to 12 (no more than 15 families)

About the workshop

The theme of 11 th Shanghai Biennale is Why not ask again , our team wants every audience to be as same as children, keeping their tender heart for art , as well as curiority for life exploration. For this purpose PSA  plans a series of activities for childen in SHANGHAI  BIENNALE, with some works as the starting point and a variety of activities, inviting children to participate in, give them chance to imagine and create wildly.

▲"Dialogue"(1995/2016)PSA 11th SHANGHAI BIENNALE

In the 11th Shanghai Biennale, the exhibition artist Wang Gongxin brought his work "Dialogue". In this work, the two bulbs alternately move, the free light shines on the bystander. The shadow moved up and down the walls, creating a movement of rising  tide and falling  tide.

The children's workshop is inspired by this work, we will take the children to perceive light and shadow through the art works , to learn the way of controlling "light", and to tell story with it.

Children's Workshop Activities:

Exhibition tour

We will have a quick visit of the exhibition, focusing on works of Wang Gongxin to let the children feel and appreciate the artist's unique artistic creation techniques, observe the use of materials. Meanwhile, we will also find the light source, and observe the connection between the device and the lightl.

Paper cutting and understanding of light source

After understanding the relationship between light and shadow, children will be encouraged to use tools to create works to understand how the change of light sources influence the shadow. 

Photographic photography

The artwork uses the painting of the light as its creative method. Any light resource can be used as part of the imaging effect. Let the children know that any items emitting light, a flashlight, mobile phone screen, etc., with the light refraction or scattering objects can achieve unexpected results, such as color bottles and other comprehensive materials , which can improve children’s "light" language knowledge and application, develop their ability of photography imaging and lens picture narrative.

About the Instructor

Morgan Wu

Young artist/ Now living in Shanghai/ Graduated from LuXun Academy of Fine Arts/ Devoting to individual artistic creation and exhibition/ Main form of artwork: painting and comprehensive material