Talks Beyond Memory

Beyond Memory

Time: 14:00-16:00, Apr. 22, 2018

Location: 3F Theater, PSA

Speakers: Jean-Hubert Martin & Christian Boltanski

Moderator: Gong Yan

Language: English/Chinese (with interpretation)

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About the Talk

On Sunday, before the opening of the first exhibition of the French national treasure artist Christian Boltanski, "Restoration", the basics of the Poltans and the exhibition curator Jean-Bebel Mardan visited the art. In the small theater of the power plant, a conversation called "Beyond Memory" was launched. The purpose of "Beyond" does not refer to "transcendence", but rather indicates that the dialogue will directly eliminate the memory, that is, to eliminate as much as possible the solid interpretation, rigid understanding and iconic elements of Boltanski's works, returning to his most original source. Artistic expression, exploring Boltanski's philosophy about mechanics and life.

Jean-Hubert Martin is a longtime friend and longtime observer of Boltanski. In his special guest article for the album of the same name in the "Recall" exhibition, he wrote: "In the works of Boltanski One of the most basic features is the individual's life experience, which gives epic universal values ​​to ordinary objects and images. This grief for the disappearing things and the feeling of passing time have brought him success. This prompted him to revert to thinking about the concept of myth. Recently, the dialogue will gradually present to the audience in the form of questions and answers how the legendary artist of the self-proclaimed "speaker" resonates with the audience through narrative techniques. Think about art and life and death, myths and legends together.



About the Speakers

Christian Boltanski

Boltanski’s birth and childhood coincided with the end of World War II and the liberation of Paris, and the singularity of this turbulent period left a vivid imprint on his work. After dropping out of school at the age of 13, Boltanski began to write large-scale expressionist paintings, and in 1968, together with the title "The Impossible Life of Christ" Christian Boltanski (1968)'s first film work officially met with the public. The film also opened its period of high-yield creation that lasted until 1974. Since 1987, Boltanski has held a series of large-scale solo exhibitions in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, and continued to tour various museums in Europe in the 1990s. As the artistic career continues to advance, Boltanski is increasingly focusing on the use of light and shadow techniques in his work. As time passed into the early 21st century, its attention began to shift to oversized art installations, and at the same time participated in the creation of various musical performances. This experience has also influenced the installations of Boltanski, and the sounds and motion images used have made his creative vision more sophisticated. In addition to artistic creation, Boltanski devoted most of his time to art education. He was a professor at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Paris and has published more than 100 works of art.


Jean-Hubert Martin

Martin was born in 1944 in Strasbourg, France. In 1969, Jean-Hubert Martin first met the 25-year-old Christian Boltanski in Paris. From 1971 to 1982, he was the curator of the Musée National d’Art Moderne. In 1977, he served as the exhibition project leader at the Centre Pompidou. During his time as curator of the Kunsthalle Bern in Switzerland from 1982 to 1985, Mardan organized the first solo exhibition of the contemporary Russian artist Ilya Kabakov, and the deep friendship established with the Kabakov couples was also This led to his re-edition as the curator of the latter's large installation art exhibition "Dream City" at the Paris and Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art in 2015. During his time as the curator of the National Museum of Modern Art under the Centre Pompidou from 1987 to 1990, Martin curated the exhibition Magiciens de la Terre (1989), the first African, Asian and Oceanian not yet known to the West. The artist's work is in the same vision as the Western avant-garde art creation. At present, Martin is preparing a cross-historical cross-cultural exhibition "The Ancients Stole All Our Great Ideas" for the Moscow Pushkin Museum.