Forums Cai Guo-Qiang|"Cai Guo-Qiang: The Ninth Wave" Symposium on Art, Environment and Related Social Issues

Academic Zhang Ying
Guest Chung Yung-Feng、Zhang Yinjiang、Yu Jiandong、Orville Schell、Ren Zhiqiang、Ge Jianxiong

When art provides food for thought

When ideals meet reality


The Power Station of Art (PSA) is proud to present the major solo exhibition Cai Guo-Qiang: The Ninth Wave, which will be open from August 8 through October 26, 2014 in Shanghai. This will be the first solo exhibition by a living artist at the institution.


Cai Guo-Qiang: The Ninth Wave sheds light on one of the greatest challenges faced by mankind: Earth's current environmental and ecological crisis. Evidenced by the high levels of smog in the air and the incident of 16,000 dead pigs floating down the Huangpu River last year, environmental issues in China - and the world at large –have reached a critical level. Exploring the imminent challenge posed by the environment, the artist references a theme in traditional Chinese aesthetics and philosophy: humanity's longing to return to a primordial landscape and spiritual homeland.


PSA's building, a former electrical plant, will serve as a powerful backdrop for an exhibition that focuses on our interaction with nature.


In conjunction with the exhibition opening, a symposium related to the themes in the exhibition will take place on August 9th. Artists, architects, scholars, writers and leaders in the field of environmental protection from both China and abroad will have a constructive conversation about the intersection of art and ecology, offering various ways that we can take action and providing further food for thought when viewing the exhibition. 


Ge Jianxiong

Historian; Head of Fudan University Library; Member of China's National Committee for

the International Geosphere –Biosphere Programme (IGBP)


Yu Jiandong

Entrepreneur; one of the founders of Society of Entrepreneurs & Ecology (SEE),

China; advocate for aquatic ecology.


Orville Schell (U.S.)

Arthur Ross Director of the Center on U.S.- China Relations at Asia Society in New York; and contributor to The New York Times blog, "China and the Environment."


Chung Yung-Feng

Of Hakka descent and from Meinong in Kaohsiung, Chung is an NGO and cultural worker, poet, musician, and freelance writer who focuses on environmental protection, community and agricultural campaigns. He is also Chairman of Chung Li-He Cultural and Educational Foundation.


Shigeru Ban (Japan)

Architect renowned for his environmentally-conscious approach and daring use of the most affordable, most fragile building materials; and winner of the 2014 Pritzker Prize.


Zhang Yinjiang

Deputy Chair of Aquatic Environmental Engineering Research Center, and Deputy Dean of College of Fisheries and Life Science, Shanghai Ocean University.


Ren Zhiqiang

Entrepreneur; current Chairman of Society of Entrepreneurs & Ecology (SEE), Chin