Talks End of Time

"End of Time" is a quartet written by the French composer Messiah in the Nazi German concentration camp for the violin, clarinet, cello and piano - the only four instruments at the time. This song depicts the human soul and the desperate confrontation and the expectation of miracles. Its experience of time at different latitudes is also of interest to Hu Liu in life and painting. For Hu Liu, daily life, the scenery outside the window, the changing time in the studio, the exhibition and the encounter with people are the ways to reveal their own time; while using black pencil to smear on paper, it is like jumping into the waves and grass. The world of bamboo forest or starry sky is a common adventure of body and spirit. In this conversation, Hu Liu will, in the company of commentator Lin Biao, review the various latitudes she has experienced through life and painting in recent years, and share with the audience what she has experienced on the canvas.

Event Information

End of Time

Time: 14:00-16:00, May 26, 2018

Location: 3F Theater, PSA

Guests: Hu Liu, Lin Li

*There is no need to make an appointment for the lecture. Please queue up at the entrance of the theater 15 minutes before the event

About Lecturers

Hu Liu, born in Xinyang, Henan Province in 1982, he graduated from Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts in 2004 and now lives in Beijing. Solo exhibitions: 2017 "Black Wave", ShanghART Gallery, Shanghai; 2012 "White Day", Magic Stone Space, Beijing. He later received the "2013 New Young Artists Annual Awards" Annual Person of the Year Award

Lin Wei, critic, co-founder and editor-in-chief of ArtReview Asia, now working and living in Shanghai. After joining the UK's veteran art magazine ArtReview in 2013, she founded her sister magazine ArtReview Asia, a contemporary art criticism, creative practice, and international and Asian Asian discourse production in Asia. Review magazine. Previously she was one of the founding editors of the Art World magazine (2009-2012). Recent curatorial projects include “Hong Wei Lei” (2013), “Timul Syqin: Biogene Rock” (2015), and “Wind into Pine” (2016). In addition to the editorial work and personal curatorial project of ArtReview Asia, she also created and planned the special project “ArtReview Asia XiànChǎng” of Shanghai West Coast Art Fair. Since 2016, she will show the world from the West Coast Art Fair and the West Bank Culture and Art Corridor every November. Large installations, paintings, sculptures and video works from around the world. In the fall of 2016, she was selected as the “40 Under 40 ASIA PASIFIC” by APOLLO magazine.