Lars Müller BOOKS Analogue Reality

Co-Organiser DNP Foundation for Culture Promotion

 psD (power station of DESIGN) of Power Station of Art has presented its second exhibition “Analogue Reality: Lars Müller BOOKS” from June 24 to August 7, 2016.psD has invited Mr. Sou Fujimoto, the well-known Japanese architect, to be the exhibition space designer, and Guangyu, the renowned Chinese designer to be the exhibition poster designer for this exhibition, which is sponsored by Pro Helvetia Shanghai Office.

This exhibition is the world-renowned designer Lars Müller’s first exhibition in China, which features 100 published classic works.  All of these books will be available for the audience to read and enjoy at the exhibition.  

 “Analogue Reality: Lars Müller BOOKS” features books published by Lars Müller, the internationally renowned Swiss publisher and designer. Since 1983, Lars Müller has been committed to publishing books on architecture, design, typography, photography and social issues that impress with their consistently best design quality with his outstanding talent, always investigating thoroughly the best style and materials with his keen insight.

Müller once said: “For me, a book is special when I’ve succeeded in harmonizing its content with its design, and both are good. Nothing is worse than weak content concealed by good design.” and this clearly shows his attitude towards book design and book publishing. Besides, he has a strong conviction that “there is no digital replacement in sight for the book and its comforting three-dimensional sense, its form variety, and its unique sensory experience.”

The “Analogue Reality: Lars Müller BOOKS” exhibition will take you into the world of books, each of which is exquisitely published works by Lars Müller Publishing House. These works offer the possibility for us to make in-depth exploration of architecture, design, typography, photography, and social issues, and help us understand how the book fits into our world today, and how to face the evolving society and future.

In addition, the exhibition workshop “The Book Cover” personally led by Müller will be launched on June 21 and end on June 23 and 20 participants have been invited to meet and learn at the exhibition while they further improve their design skill and creativity. 

About Designer

Lars Müller, the internationally renowned graphic designer, publisher, served as former chairman of “Alliance Graphique Internationale” (AGI).  Born in Oslo, Norway in 1955, and lived in Switzerland since he was 8 years old, Müller had studied graphic design in the United States and the Netherlands, before he returned to Switzerland in 1982 and set up a studio in Baden.  Since 1996, Lars Müller has been a partner of a cross-border design group named "Integral Concept”, active in Paris, Milan, Zurich, Berlin and Montreal.

Lars Müller founded Lars Müller publishing house in 1983 and has published more than 300 books so far, which feature typography, design, art, photography, and architecture, etc.  In recent years, his field of publishing has begun to involve human rights, ecology and other social science books.

Lars Müller has been committed to professional education of design and publishing. He taught for multiple universities in Europe, and has served as a visiting lecturer at School of Design of Harvard University since 2009.  He served as chairman of “Alliance Graphique Internationale” (AGI) and was also a member of International Publisher Alliance (MOTOVUN International Publisher's Group) from 2012 to 2015. 


About the Public Project

psD School is a movable classroom of “power station of DESIGN”, in which the workshop "The Book Cover " related to the exhibition will be launched.  At this 3-day workshop, Muller himself will serve as the instructor, and 20 participants have been invited to meet and learn.  At the 3-day workshop, each participant will choose a book from “Analogue Reality” exhibition and create a new design for the book cover based on his or her interpretation of its content. Each participant may submit one or more designs. The books selected can be in Chinese, English or bilingual.  The winning designs will be presented at the psD exhibition site as part of the "Analogue Reality" exhibition.