Talks 【PSA| Chilren Workshop】Impression of the multitude: Gymsum under your feet

Critic Quan Hongyi
Regarding the workshop

The ”Three Steps, Nine Footprints” is the work that talking about the religion. This work uses a large area of plaster material. The white plaster is pouring from the “mainland” to spread out of the hall.

During this workshop, the instructor will lead the kids to trod their small footprints on the wet plaster and use the tools such as the knives and paints to express their idea of mind. The topic of the creations could be related to religion, or it may be just the most innocent and simple faith of children’s thought. The workshop will hold in a lively and interesting way that inspire the kids to become interested in the exhibition.

Time:April 30, 2016, 14:30~16:30

Place:1F information desk, Power Station of Art

Number of participants: 15 families

Age:The audiences that between 7-12 years old

Parents need to show the tickets of the “Bâton Serpent III: Spur Track to the Left” exhibition before participate the workshop.