Specials Midsummer Night @ PSA

PSA's current exhibition "Cartier Contemporary Art Foundation: Unfamiliar Scenery" will be closed at the end of this month. In order to let the audience avoid the white sun and the crowds, enjoy the art tour freely, PSA will be in the last two weeks. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, special weekend nights are held. From 7pm to 9pm, from the evening to the late night, as time goes by, feel the different charms of the iconic works of the 100/group Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art. In addition, PSA also prepared a number of events during the weekend night to let everyone enjoy the summer.

1. Night Session Welfare

PSA "Cartier Contemporary Art Foundation: Unfamiliar Scenery" Exhibition Site

These two weeks coincide with the student party's summer vacation, so the PSA provides a major benefit to the students at the weekend night. Students can use the admission ticket, admission notice or valid student ID to enjoy the free night show. Carrying parents and two people to visit together, in return for the hard-working cultivation of their parents.

At the same time, the average viewer only needs to purchase a ticket for the weekend night, and then can bring a companion to enter. Take a trip to the two and share the aura and joy of the “Unfamiliar Scenery” exhibition. A family of three, the big friends walked and studied with children in interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary works of art.

2. Special Tour

During the weekend nights, PSA organized a number of guided tours, leading the audience to enter the exhibition from different perspectives through a variety of explanations, rediscovering the subtleties that were not noticed before. You only need to gather in front of the PSA 1st floor VIP entrance before the tour, and you can join the exhibition squad to watch the show.

3. Summer Night Light Show

PSA fifth floor 360° stargazing platform

The sun is going down, and the cool summer nights are coming. At this time, after the exhibition, you can come to the 360° viewing platform on the fifth floor of PSA, look up at the starry night sky, look down at the brightly lit Huangpu River, and sing the pleasant evening wind to appreciate the light and shadow works in the platform. .

4. Cooling Drinks

PSA currently has two Pop-up Cafes: Aunn cafe&co (within the first floor psD) and blacksheep espresso (PSA fifth floor), which will be open during the weekend nights and special summer special drinks. Aunn cafe&co's coffee vinegar tea is made from Italian Cascara coffee peel after 18 hours of cold soaking, and the taste is relaxed and lively; blacksheep espresso's grape plum wine ice cream preserves the sour and sweet and fresh, rich aroma of summer fruit. After a night visit to the exhibition, you may wish to have a cup of summer drink and feel the double satisfaction of sight and taste.

Event Information

PSA Night View

It’s so hot. Do you just want to be a “night animal”? During the long summer vacation, do you want to spend the weekend with friends and family? Are you eager to find out about the wonders of the museum? "Cartier Contemporary Art Foundation: Unfamiliar Scenery" In the last two weeks, do you want to catch the last night train, or even two brushes and three brushes?

PSA "A Midsummer Night" weekend night

Six days in a row, multiple benefits, constant activities

Weekend Night Sessions: 7/20-7/22, 7/27-7/29 19:00-21:00 (last admission at 20:00)

Admission: 20 yuan / person, and can carry a companion

Free Admission: Preschool children are also free to enter. Students can enter the venue free of charge with an admission ticket, admission notice or valid student ID, and can bring their parents to visit.

How to Buy Ticket: Please go to the PSA official WeChat service number "Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art" to purchase tickets; you can also choose to go to the PSA site to purchase tickets on the same day, the night ticket purchase start time is 18:00, 20:00 to stop selling tickets.

How to Pick-up Ticket: The successful reservation will be redirected to the “scheduled appointment” page. You can also view the reservation voucher in “Ticket Information” – “My Tickets”. On the day of the event, enter the venue with this voucher.

*Note: The ticketing rules for the exhibition during the day (11:00-19:00) remain unchanged. During the day, the audience can also stay in the night field to participate in the event.

**Specific items are subject to the detailed version of the exhibition site