ReActor 2017

'ReActor 2017' Performance Introduction


Location: PSA 3F, Theatre 

Time: 2017.12.1-12.2 / 19:30

Director /Choreography: Gong Zhonghui

Cast: Zhu Fengwei, Liao Shuyi, WangJingMenglin, Li Aping, Zhang Lei, Gao Wei, Zeng Jin, Gu Yueyang, He Xiaoren, Dong Shengzuo

LightingDesign: Miao Chunyu

CostumeDesign: Xiao Chong Zi

Vedio: Zhang Hhanyu

Poster Design: Zhi Zhu

When I thought

I was happy or sad because of love

I didn’t really know what that is

But it was enough for me

If only the happiness and sorrow feels real

I named them love

For the beauty of this word

No matter you want to build a palace attic or a thatched shack

They all start from plain ground after all

What a match to our lives 

Gazebo is the exit I want to find

What a beautiful place to reunite or bid goodbye

About director

Gong Zhonghui, graduated from Beijing Dance Academy. He has once worked as executive art director of Beijing Modern Dance Company. Currently, he is a teacher in Guizhou Normal University School of Music. Successively cooperated with Paper Tiger Drama Studio, Yang Liping, etc., and was invited toInternational Arts Festivals such as Berlin Arts Festival, Zurich International Arts Festival, Hong Kong Arts Festival and Singapore Arts Festival. He is a mature creator and performer of domestic cross-border dance and contemporary theatre.

The story only I can tell

Location: PSA 3F, Theatre 

Time: 2017.12.9-12.10 / 19:30

Creator & Performer: William Yang

Music Composer: James Brown

Producer: Fenn Gordon for Tandem

* If you want to know more information about Gazebo, please click on the link

‘The Story Only I Can Tell’ is the generic story of William’s life. His forebears migrated from China to Australia over a hundred years ago and subsequent generations adapted to western culture. William grew up in North Queensland on a tobacco farm, and has made his way in the world as an architect, a playwright, a photographer, a visual artist, a film-maker, and now a story-teller.

He was born of Chinese Australian parents and grew up strongly identifying as Australian although he looked Chinese.

He suffered because of the way he looked as he was not as he appeared to be. He liberated himself from social expectation, and his search for identity is one of the main themes of his work.

He is internationally renowned for his poignant work exploring social diversity, belonging and travel. From behind the camera, Yang connects with audiences around Australia and the world through his intimate photographs and observations of events and people around him. William Young's works, as commented by, subtly tear down the seemingly uncrossable barriers between people's hearts.

About director

William Yang

Photographer and performer William Yang is one of Australia’s most celebrated independent artists, renowned for his poignant work, exploring social diversity, belonging and travel. He was born of Chinese Australian parents and grew up strongly indentifying as Australian although he looked Chinese. He suffered because of the way he looked as he was not as he appeared to be. He liberated himself from social expectation, and his search for identity is one of the main themes of his work.

Through body and sound horizons

Location: PSA Theater 3F

Time: 2017.12.16 / 15:15;16:15

Through the prism of performance, this project brings together two major artists from the young French art scene. The bodies reveal themselves a multitude of faces. Through these changing states, the dialogue between the artist and the world takes place with the space's possible resonances. Lucie Antunes explores the sound while Yair Barelli praises dance. In this bodily elation, these two artists draw a visual grammar which moves in time throughout the appropriation of the place. Thus, the process of creation calls the public to release its senses and give themselves over to hypnotic sounds woven by the artist. In this uprising of artistic expression, the performance is much more than an exhibited art work or a unique piece, it offers the possibility of reading through the artist's point of view, this precious link which exists between visual arts and live arts in museum spaces.

About Curator

Mehdi Brit

Graduated in History of art and theater, Mehdi Brit is a curator and a writer. He explores the links between immaterial traditions and contemporary forms, visual arts and performance art in contemporary fields. He works with a large number of French and international institutions: Astérides, Friche belle de mai (Marseille-European Capitale of Culture 2013), Centre Pompidou, Centquatre, Croatian Festival in France, Louis Vuitton Cultural Space, FIAC, Brownstone Foundation, Hôtel Particulier Montmartre, French Institute, Jeu de Paume Museum, Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers, Hunting and Nature Museum, Pavé dans la mare, Printemps de Septembre, International Festival of art in Toulouse, Performa Biennal, Silencio, So Swiss: the performance scene in Switzerland, European Night of Museum, Imane Farès Gallery.

In 2010, he founded Revue Diapo, an online art magazine. In collaboration with Sandrine Meats, he published a book on the history of performance in France (Interviewer la Perfomance. Regards sur la scène française depuis 1960, 2014). Born in 1985, he lives in Paris.

About Performer

Lucie Antunes

Drummer, percussionist and composer, she models a laboratory sound waves in resonance with the images of a society in constant mutation. Batteries, electrical sensors, found objects and traditional instruments all contribute to the composition of a deep and hypnotic music. Her performances are like a research on the intimate and hidden side of a being or an object. In an improvised polyphony, she reveals the cries of a magnetic memory. The audience is invited to wander around and listen to the echoes of this musical testimony in order to experiment the density of space.

Yair Barelli

Yair Barelli was born in Jerusalem in 1981. Currently he lives and works in Paris. He followed the professional formation C.D.C in Toulouse as well as the ESSAIS program in CNDC Angers, under the artistic direction of Emmanuelle Huynh. He works and collaborate with different choreographers and artists: Emmanuelle Huynh (Cribles), Marlène Monteiro Freitas (Paraiso- Colleçao Privada), Tino Sehgal  (Instead of allowing something to rise up to your face dancing bruce and dan and other things), Jocelyn Cottencin (Monumental), Christian Rizzo (D’après une histoire vraie) et Jérôme Bel (Jérôme Bel).

His works are presented in theaters as well as in art centers such as Actoral Marseille, Musée de la danse Rennes, Next Valenciennes, MC2 Grenoble, Plastique Danse Flore Versailles, Parc Jean-Jacques Rousseau Ermenonville, Rencontres Parallèles Marseille, Artdanthé Vanves, La Galerie Noisy-le-sec, Z33 Hasselt, La Ferme du Buisson Noisiel, Fiac Paris.

He has collaborated with Neal Beggs, åbäke, Pauline Bastard, Ivan Argote, and teaches in different institutions as CNDC Angers, The Place London, CN D Pantin and the HEAD Geneva.

Yair Barelli develops in parallel the projects Ce ConTexte and Sur l’interprétation – titre de l’instant and Le Magnifique Avventure.


Location: PSA 3F, theatre

Time: 2017.12.17 / 19:30

Choreographer: Bouchra Ouizguen

Singer/Dancer: Fatéma El Hanna、Kabboura Aït Ben Hmad、 Fatna Ibn El Khatyb 、Halima Sahmoud

Light/Audio technology: Nicolas Castanter

Tour manager: Mylene Gaillon

Producer: Company O

“Ha!”, was presented in 2012 by her dance troupe – the “Company O” - at the Montpellier Dance Festival and performed in 2013 at the Pompidou Center.This artistic performance explores the subject of human madness and underlines the complexity and intensity of the human being. 

About choreographer

Bouchra Ouizguen is a Moroccan dancer and choreographer born in 1980 in Ouarzazate. She currently lives and works in Marrakech where she has been committed to developing the local dance scene since 1998.

As a self-taught woman and an oriental dancer since she was 16, she created her rst experimental pieces such as Ana Ounta or Mort et moi which were inspired by her interests in cinema, literature, music.

She co-founded the Anania association in 2002 with Taou q Ized- diou and worked namely with Mathilde Monnier, Bernardo Montet, Boris Charmatz, Alain Bu ard before she founded her own company, Company O.

Her concerns about society, visual arts and popular arts in her country nourish her work. Multiple forms emerge from her work on sound, performance and video.In 2010 she received the New Choreographic Talent award from France’s Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers (SACD) and the Jury’s special award from the professional trade union of theatre, music and dance critics for her liberating Madame Plaza, where she shared the stage with three artists from the Aïta cabaret tradition of singing and dancing.In 2011 she co-created the solo performance Voyage Cola with choreographer Alain Bu ard for the Avignon Festival.In 2012, she created HA ! for the « Festival Montpellier Danse » and performed it at  Centre Georges Pompidou  in Paris. is piece inspired the performance Corbeaux presented for the first time at the Marrakech Biennal in 2014. In 2015, she presented Ottof at the Festival Montpellier Dance and the Festival d’Automne.

About Invitation

Three ways to get an invitation for “ReActor”:

1. If you’re a member of PSA since 2016.11.18, you can directly book the event on the official website of PSA. Click the link to get invitation.

2. From November 18 to December 17, if you apply for a membership card in Power Station of Art, you will receive an invitation for “ReActor”.

3. FromNovember 18 to December 17, if you have a single consumption over 298 yuan in A Power Store on the 1st ,3rd 5th floor of PSA or APS in the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, you will receive an invitation for “ReActor”.

*One invitation for one person only. Due to limited number of invitations, receive first-served basis.

PSA ReActor

“ReActor” is an experimental performance brand founded by Power Station of Art at 2015. Since the 1960s, performing art has been experiencing the ideological domination of contemporary art in terms of concept and form, and there is also linguistic reorganization ongoing inside itself. Controversies over concepts including “daily behavior/performance”, “drama/theater”, “narration/non-narration”, “theater/non-theater” are accompanied by such a fact that we couldn’t find an appropriate existing word to describe many ongoing art practices. “Fusion” and “fission” are the ways of all kinds of energies being produced, meanwhile reflecting the formation and mutation of art concepts and means. From an atom to the Universe, “fusion” and “fission” could not only be presented as a long process, but also be just an instant. “Ju Lie (fusion-fission)” is concerned about the dynamic occurrence, indicating everything temporal, and emphasizing performance of experiences. The English translation “ReActor (an object containing both actions of fusion and fission)” implies “Ju Lie” would encourage the re-explanation of action and performance.

Academic Committee

“ReActor” academic committee founded by PSA for its experimental performance brand “ReActor” was established in 2016. The Academic Committee members include renowned artists, curators, art critics and directors of art institutions, both domestic and overseas. Each member will hold the position for 2 years, evaluate and check on the contents of “ReActor” performances, as well as steer the long-term development and planning for it.

Brand ReActor