Forums PSA Talk|Sciences Exhibited: Universe, Mathematics and Environment at the Fondation Cartier

Sciences Exhibited: Universe, Mathematics and Environment at the Fondation Cartier

Date:April 26, 2pm-4pm

Location:Theater (3F)

Language:Chinese/English/French (simultaneous translation)

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Panelists:Hervé Chandès, Bernie Krause, Romain Troublé, Dai Minhan, Michel Cassé.

Moderator:Fei Dawei

Introduction of the Discussion

Mathematics, environment, migrations, science: how to bring these fields of knowledge in a museum program with the involvement of artists and scientists.

Through various examples of exhibitions in the Fondation Cartier, a discussion on contemporary visual strategies to break boundaries between art and science.

View of the exhibition Mathématiques, un dépaysement soudain, Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, Paris, 2011-2012 Photo © Olivier Ouadah

Bernie Krause, UVA , The Great Animal Orchestra, 2016. View of the exhibition The Great Animal Orchestra , Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, Paris, 2016. Photo © Luc Boegly

View of the exhibition Mathématiques, un dépaysement soudain, Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, Paris, 2011-2012 Photo © Olivier Ouadah

About Panelists

Hervé Chandès

Since 1994, Hervé Chandès, as General Director, manages all the Fondation Cartier’s activities, the exhibition program in Paris, the international program, the collection and the artist commissions.

He has organized numerous monographic exhibitions of very different artists such as Vija Celmins (1995), Matthew Barney (1995), Cai Guo Qiang (2000), William Eggleston (2001 and 2009), Daido Moriyama (2003 and 2016), Raymond Depardon (2004), Marc Newson (2004) David Lynch (2007), Ron Mueck (2005 and 2013), Lee Bul (2007), Moebius (2010), Yue Minjun (2013), Bruce Nauman (2015).

He has also conceived theme exhibitions, which, based on the stakes they raise, allow to cross contemporary creation and thoughts on the world:  Yanomami, Spirit of the Forest (Amazonian shamanism) in 2003, Native Land, Stop Eject (with Raymond Depardon, Paul Virilio and Diller+Scofidio) in 2008,  Mathematics, A beautiful elsewhere (internationally renowned mathematicians, artists and film directors) in 2011, The Great Animal Orchestra (with bio-acoustician and musician Bernie Krause and internationally renowned artists) in 2016.

Bernie Krause

Born in 1938 in Detroit, United States

Lives in Glen Ellen, United States

Over the course of nearly fifty years, Bernie Krause has collected more than 5,000 hours of recordings of natural habitats, including at least 15,000 terrestrial and marine species from all around the world. His approach is unique: he contemplates the natural world as a poet, listening to animal vocalizations as a musician, and through his recordings, he studies it all scientifically. The graphic representations, or soundscapes, of his recordings reveal that the sounds of the animal world, often perceived as nonsensical noises, are actually as carefully orchestrated as the most complex musical scores.

Romain Troublé

With a double degree in biotechnology and business management, Romain Troublé is equally known for his sailing skills and participations in the America’s Cup in 2000 and 2003. From 2003 to 2006, he worked for Cerpolex specialized in polar logistics in the Arctic, Antarctic and in Siberia. They were involved in the organisation of sporting, tourist and scientific expeditions at the poles, but also in the discovery of frozen mammoths in Siberia. He has been coordinating the expeditions since 2004 and is now the Executive Director of the Fondation Tara Expéditions.

The scientific research schooner Tara organizes expeditions with the goal of studying and understanding the impact of climate change on our oceans.The Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain is a partner of the Fondation Tara Expéditions since 2016. The boat Tara is now in Shanghai during the opening of the exhibition, and the partnership continues.

Dai Minhan

Directorof the Facultyof EarthScience and Technologyand of the State Key Labof Marine EnvironmentalScience, Xiamen University

Academician of Chinese Academy of Science, Cheung Kong Chair Professor, Xiamen University



B.A.: Department of Oceanography, Xiamen University, China, 1987

Ph.D.: Earth Science, Université Pierre & Marie Curie (Paris VI), France, 1995

Research interests:

Carbon biogeochemistry in marginal and estuarine systems

Geochemistry of radioactive elements (Plutonium and Thorium) in surface and ground water

Geochemistry of trace metals in coastal and estuarine environments

Professor Dai Minhan is one of the scientists involved in Tara activities.

Michel Cassé  


Directorof researchat the Atomic EnergyCommission, Paris

Associate researcher at the "Paris Institute of Astrophysics"

Co-investigator of the European gamma ray satellite INTEGRAL

Science writter

Topics of research: origin and evolutions of the elements, cosmic and gamma rays, dark matter and energy, solar neutrinos, supernovae, galactic evolution, astrophysical test of extradimensions, exobiology and philosophy of cosmology.

Michel Cassé has been a consultant for many exhibitions from Fondation Cartier involving sciences.


Fei Dawei

Fei Dawei is a critic and curator of Chinese contemporary art. From 2002 to 2008, as director of the Ullens Foundation, he helped to build a collection of over 2,000 contemporary Chinese artworks and founded the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing. Since 2008, Fei Dawei has worked as an independent curator. Fei Dawei and the Fondation Cartier have enjoyed a strong relationship since Fei Dawei’s residency in the 1980s at the Fondation Cartier in Jouy-en-Josas, along with Chinese artists like Huang Yong Ping and Cai Guo-Qiang.