psD School | The Body and More

“The Body and More ” Workshop

Tutor: Johanna Dahm

Time: December 10-12, 2017



About the Workshop

For the three-day workshop, jewelry designer Johanna Dahm, whose works are presented at the PSA exhibition, will, in her capacity as a tutor, guide participants to explore imaginations about the body’s needs, emotions and the unknown, based on contemplations of the human body.

At the workshop, participants will use nothing but three simple materials that offer infinite possibilities: color paper, metal wire and glue. Looking for practitioners without professional jewelry crafting skills, the workshop encourages its participants to freely conjure up rich design meanings of these everyday life materials, boldly undertake experiments to decorate their bodies, and break the stereotypical thinking about “jewelry”.

▲Johanna Damme with her students, picture from Johanna Neeser

About the Workshop Tutor

▲Photo by Simon Tanner NZZ

A celebrated designer of contemporary jewelry and an acclaimed teacher of design, Swiss-born Johanna Dahm once taught in Britain’s Royal College of Art, and worked as a tenured professor for 15 years at the Departement of Jewelry at the Pforzheim University in Germany. She spent her childhood in South Africa and currently lives and works in Zurich/Intragna of Switerzland.

Her work is characterized by an investigative and open approach, which has led her everywhere from quests for exotic jewelry techniques, to exploring light reflections and contemporary high-tech processes. In recent years, she has traveled to Ghana and India and returned with work borrowing the techniques of local craftsmen who were practicing ancient, much revered jewelry-making methods. Her creations have been acquired by a number of renowned global art museums such as the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, and the Musée de Design et d’Arts Appliqués Contemporains in Lausanne, Switzerland. 

About Johanna Dahm's works

▲ Ring, “fast Ashanti”, 2006, fine gold, fine silver, clay mould.

▲Anamorphotic Brooch, “Reflected Couple”, 1992, silver – polished, blackened.

▲ Ring; “fast Ashanti”, 2005, pure gold cast around rough diamonds.

▲Five Brooches, “Moving Line”, 1983, anodised Aluminium, steel wire, 18 x 0,5 cm.

Student Requirements

We are looking for 15 students!As long as you love the design, eager to communicate with the designer face to face, and meet the following requirements, you can sign up!

(1) Students with manual skills such as installation, sculpture and jewelry. It is even better if you have design, art professional background.

(2) To ensure continuous participation in the 3-day workshop time.

(3) Have basic English conversation skills.

How to register

(1)Send email as“Jewelry Design Workshop+Name+Phone number”,Enclosed personal resume and expectation From this workshop, the content is sent in writing to the 。Tip: Uploaded files must not exceed 10M.

(2) Tuition fee:1600RMB/Person (The registration fee already includes all material fees). PSA will confirm enrollment by December 6 and notify the payment method. Successful applicants are required to pay the full amount of tuition fees as required. To ensure the normal operation, students who are absent or unable to complete all three days due to force majeure will not be refunded.

(3) Need to bear your own accommodation, transportation and other expenses.

(4) Workshop language of instruction is English, with simple Chinese translation.

(5) Application Dates: From now until December 6, 2017 17:00 (Beijing time).

*PSA reserves the final right to interpret this event.