Specials Bhagwati Prasad Hemant Sreekumar: We need to find God

The 11th Shanghai Biennale "Theory Operar" project

Bhagwati Prasad + Hemant Sreekumar: We need to find God

Performance Media: Poetry and Signals

Time: January 14, 2017 (Saturday) 15:00 pm (length of 40 minutes)

Location: 2F, No.4 exhibition hall

We Need to Find God

We need to find God" is the Indian artist Bhagwati Prasad and Hemant Sreekumar co-authored poetry performance works. In two years, they rehearsed the work in the studio, continued to practice their artistic ideas. It is the third live performance of the artwork which came to the Eleventh Shanghai Biennale "Theory Opera " project.

The work derives from the artist's curiosity about how poetry texts produce aesthetics during the speech. Once poetry is produced in the form of a book, it will be narrated in a soft, private tone, or fade away in silence. Therefore, "we need to find God" will use the power of speech produced by the show, try to find the characteristics of the text in the process of change.

During the performance, the artist creates a new spark of collision between two "truths," --the truth of the outward projection of the speech, and the truth of inner refraction of poetry. As the basis of our oral language - those basic vibrations (which can be understood as vocal vibrations, sound field vibrations, etc.) will also be maintained in this performance. Artists will work in parallel to synthesize signals generated by low and high frequency vibrations, creating an insubstantial perception for the audience.

This collaboration between Bhagwati Prasad and Hemant Sreekumar begins with a consensus not to create any rough or real things. From the choice of poem to the audio signal, all the elements of the work are pre-existing in their own history or context. The choice of a speech session is developed in our practice and is attributed to a slow passing of time. The signal creates a super-synthesized frame, sensing electromagnetic as well as intangible communication channels.

Bhagwati Prasad

Born in Delhi, India in 1976, he is an artist who focuses on performing, sculpting, imaging, imaging and research. He has conducted extensive research on Delhi's popular culture, media life and history. These studies are reflected in his 2009 novel Tinker. Solder. Tap., which focuses on Delhi's history of media piracy. In 2010, he also published another book, The Water Cookbook.

▲one page in Bhagwati Prasad's "The Water Cookbook"

Hemant Sreekumar

Born in 1980 in Delhi Jerry, Kerala, India, is an artist and a technician. He used the principles of mutation and noise to create synthetic audio. His works respond to the concept of decay, generating bias and lack of semantics. As a child, he began to mop up radio bands, broken equipment and fragmented tapes. For the past five years, he has built a time-based, volatility-based environment with the encoding and data reconciliation process.

Theory Opera

Let us change the feeling of walking, staying, resting, talking and watching with the rhythm of the hearing.

Let us explore the "feeling of thought."

Let us introduce an accelerated operatic turn in the exhibition.

Please let us talk about the living situation at the intersection of the works.

Throughout the whole Biennial, we will meet with them.

Please let us explore – Theory Opera

-- From the double master curator Raqs Media Group "Curator's Note

The 11th Shanghai Biennale's "Theory Opera" (TO) will continue to activate the exhibition in the form of singing. "Theoretical Theater" is like an idea lab and playground where we explore science, music, rituals, behavior, and new ways of seeing in this constantly evolving field.