Talks Dong Bingfeng: The Eclipse of Memories – Christian Boltanski’s Historical Image and Installation Art

As the German scholar Aleida Assmann said, “The past is not the same as what we call history, the cold knowledge of the past. The past is always mixed with identity. The design of identity, the interpretation of the present, and the appeal of effectiveness.” Today, our motivation and complex emotions of memory can also be regarded as the political gesture and aesthetic appeal derived from this critical modernity.

In this PSA's first retrospective in Shanghai, we can glimpse Christian Boltanski's many well-known large-scale installations, which are composed of a dazzling visual architecture and rich historical images. . While giving viewers an immersive experience, they are constantly questioning the commonality of the nature of human existence and situation. For example, the curator Jean-Uber Mardin pointed out that “the works of these monuments avoid the suffering narrative and heroism and closely match the spirit of the times.” Therefore, Poltansky’s artistic creation is not just about history. The past, but also with the future, clearly pointed to the common destiny of mankind.

This week's lecture will be divided into three parts. Dong Bingfeng will conduct in-depth discussions on the creations of artists, Poltowski, on the words "memory", "history" and "image". The museum exhibition is regarded as a specific space-time carrier and thought container. In addition, Dong Bingfeng will also compare Poltansky with artists from the former Soviet artists Kabakov, Taiwan Chen Junren, and China Hu Jieming. They also carry out creative artistic thinking about historical memory and contemporary form transformation.

Event Information

Dong Bingfeng: The Eclipse of Memories – Christian Boltanski’s Historical Image and Installation Art

Speaker: Dong Bingfeng (independent curator)

Time: 14:00-16:00, Jun. 17, 2018

Location: 3F Theater, PSA

* There is no need to make an appointment for the lecture. Please queue up at the entrance of the theater 15 minutes before the event.

About Lecturer

Dong Bingfeng,Independent curator, now a researcher at the China Academy of Art's School of Intermedia Arts. He has served as the curator of the Guangdong Museum of Art and the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, the deputy director of the Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, the artistic director of the film fund, and the academic director of the Beijing OCAT Research Center. He also serves as an academic committee member, editor-in-chief and international judge of several art institutions, art theory series and film festivals. He has won the "CCAA China Contemporary Art Review Award" (2013), "YISHU" International Edition of China Contemporary Art Review Award (2015) and "He Hongyi Family Fund China Research Residency Award" (2017). Dong Bingfeng's research interests include video art, independent film, Chinese contemporary art history, exhibition history and contemporary criticism theory.

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