Talks The Exploration inside Photography and Family

Photography has never been a means of passively producing images, but it has always attached to people's sights and wills. The photo is not just a record of a time and space in the past, nor is it simply evidence of something that once existed. It should not be simply regarded as the death of time. It always reflects the viewer while forming the line of sight. Sight is a medium for looking back at self, correcting oneself, and generating oneself. It is the continuation and regeneration of a certain time and space.

In Gao Shan’s work “The Eighth Day”, the emotions, relationships, and feelings hidden in the trivial details of life are materialized by photography, and accept new lines of sight and will, reciprocating between photography and family, becoming a reflection. The new starting point of his family relationship with his mother has become a new focus for building cognition and behavior. When these photos are presented as works, they form a burning function that sharply and deeply cuts into the viewer's own experience, forcing the viewer to mobilize the memory stored inside the body, while also feeling the work. Reflect on your own life.

Event Information

The Exploration inside Photography and Family

Speakers: Gao Shan (artist), Lin Ye (Freelancer translator & writer)

Time: 14:00-16:00, Jun. 3, 2018

Location: 3F Theater, PSA

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About Lecturer

Lin Ye, Translator, writer. Mainly engaged in the research and translation of visual culture, translated as Sugimoto Boss anthology "The Origin of Art", "Phenomenon", "Japanese Photography 50 Years", "Private Photography", selected translation "Japanese Art Photography History", planning private photography Research topics: "Private Orientation", Japanese photography theory: "Japanese photography theory translation", report photography topics: "reporting photography, country and society" and urban independent space practice. The article was published in the media of Ruixiang, Tencent·Guyu, Yi, “Art Contemporary”, ARTFORUM, “Chinese Photography”, “Friends of Photography” and other media.

Gao Shan, Male, born in 1988, Anyang, Henan

The work involves photography, behavior, video installations, etc., focusing on the living conditions of people as independent individuals.


2018 “Cartier Contemporary Art Foundation: Unfamiliar Scenery” Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art

2017 “Ningbo International Photography Week”, Ningbo, Ningbo Photography Art Center

2017 “Colorful Shadows and New Photography Awards”, Shanghai, New Time Media Art Center

2016 “Non-degradable/breathing” Huangshan, Huangshan International Village Photography Festival

2016 “Amazing – Henan Photographer Group Exhibition” Zhengzhou, Kunlun Wangyue Art Museum

2015 “Chinese and Foreign Photographers' Slideshow Night” Lishui, Lishui International Photography Festival

2014 “Ignorance Exile” Beijing, Decolor Studios

2014 "Wandering Photography Exhibition" Anyang + Ningdu + Lishui + Chengdu Mountain + Lahei

2013 “Photographic Handbook Exhibition” Lishui, Lishui International Photography Festival


“2016 Color Shadows New Award” Photographer of the Year Award.

Nominated 2018MACK "First Book Award" UK London

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