Performances Acrobat Returns

We plan to organize an artistic laboratory about the question:“Is an acrobat without his technique still an artist? if yes, how does it become visible?”

Trained in acrobatics since childhood, Ding Yulei has won international awards for his performances. Like many of his colleagues, however, he retired early from the profession. He is now an actor and director, focused on training in language and ideas. The expressive power of the body plays only a supporting role in his work. For many of his contemporaries, the body has no relevance at all in the work they do.

Ding undertook Return to the Stage at the urging of the Swiss acrobatic director, Ueli Hirzel. In 2008, Ueli Hirzel was invited by Pro Helvetia Shanghai with Wu Jiayin and Xujie to initiate communication and understanding between Chinese artists and the Swiss counterparts. During the trips Mr. Ueli visited and interviewed Ding Yulei as one of the interviewees. Due to his experience in the field of Circus and performing arts, Ueli Hirzel has guided the process and introduced some in China not yet well known techniques. Thus "The Acrobat Returns" is an exchange of different views on performing arts, and involving different participants.

Questions arise: After years of distance from the once-familiar sensations of rigorous physical training, will it be possible for Ding to regain his ability to use acrobatics to create a performance? In a process involving discussions on choreography and stage design with other performing artists, will he be able to meld his acrobatic ability and his personal journeyto conceive and create a completely new form of performance? 

Acrobat Returns

  • Performer: Ding Yulei
  • Time: Thursday Feb 23, 2017 19:30 - 21:00
  • Location: Exhibition Hall 8, 5th Floor,Power Station of Art, Shanghai
  • Non-Chinese speakers please reserve via email:
  • Co-author: Ueli Hirzel, Wu Jiayin, Xu Jie
  • Supported by Pro Helvetia Shanghai, Swiss Arts Council

Note: No seat provided due to artistic concerns, please kindly understand.