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About the workshop

The theme of the 11th Shanghai Biennale is “Why Not Ask Again”. The curator team hopes that every audience could keep their pure expectation of the art and never stop exploring the life like the children do. So Power Station of Art has planned a series of children activities of the 11th Shanghai Biennale. A variety of activities are designed based on different artworks. Children are invited to join these activities, in which they can imagine and perform freely.

▲ “Strange View”(2016),Na Buqi,PSA the 11th Shanghai BIennale

In this exhibition, artist Na Buqi brings us a unique sculpture Strange View. She has picked one of the urban landscape – streetlights. They are put in the large space in the museum, and have formed kind of “view in the view”, which constitutes another unusual urban view, twinkling like a matrix in the area. The idea of this children workshop comes right from this artwork. We will take the children to explore different urban landscapes and signs, so as to improve their creativity and their knowledge about the city. 

Activity arrangements

Assembling place: Power Station of Art, 1st floor VIP entrance (Please assemble 15 minutes in advance)

Activity objects: children aged from 7 to 12 (No more than 15 families)

*The activity is divided into 3 parts: exhibition visiting, interactive games and manual workshop.

Exhibition Visiting

We will take the children to visit the whole exhibition to introduce the materials and the background of the artwork to them. They will be able to feel the artist’s exploration of the urban landscape in different dimension.

Interactive Games

We will let the children practice recognizing the signs and landmarks in the urban landscape through the game. They will be encouraged to walk along the street to search the landmarks of the city.

Manual Workshop

Participants are supposed to look for and make various urban landscapes by drawing or cutting from the magazines. Then, along with some three-dimensional things, they will be stick to some wooden stick of different lengths. Finally, they will be stick to a paper box to form a complete sculpture with comprehensive materials.

About the instructor

Morgan Wu

Youth artist/ Now living in Shanghai/ Graduated from LuXun Academy of Fine Arts/ Devoting to individual artistic creation and exhibition/ Main form of artwork: painting and comprehensive material