Workshops The Materialization of Genetics in Art

Workshop|The Materialization of Genetics in Art

Time:14:00-16:00 5 AUG

Ages: 18+



Venue:1F VIP Entrance

Admission:  ¥150 (including an exhibition ticket), ¥100 for PSA members

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About the Workshop

The blend of human and non-human intrigues and disturbs us for a number of reasons. Are hybrid creatures non-human animals with human attributes (creatures that have evolved to adopt human characteristics) or are they humans who have developed non-human characteristics – and why? What role does science and bio-engineering play in mutated forms? In this talk and project we will explore these reasons and ask questions of our own.

In this workshop, we will use images of animal (human and non-human), machine and plant forms – to create collage tracings. Transfer tracings onto paper, render/color finished images.


Guided Tour

Hands-on creation