Landscape design emerged during the 19th century and quickly developed during the 20th, continually transforming the environment and the way we interact with it. Landscape design focuses on developing the public spaces in cities and around them. These spaces include green belt management, garden construction, refuse plants and landscape integration for agrarian use. In terms of creating current and future spaces, landscape design has played a crucial role unappreciated by the majority of the populace.
Since the 20th century, Switzerland has played an important role in this form of design. There is work by the country's landscape designers both in Switzerland and around the world. Their work focuses on formal beauty and the environment, with a respect for regional characteristics and history. The result is designs that bring out the essence of prudence and elegance.
This exhibition explores the rich diversity of Swiss landscape design from the conceptual and historical angle as well as through a collection of work by the new generation of designers.
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