Announce 2017 PSA Intern Recruiting !

We are recruiting interns for positions below.

Graphic designer


  • Major in Visual Communication or Graphic Design or other related majors.
  • Creative in work.
  • Good command in learning and communication.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Experienced in using software for graphic design such as PS, AI, ID.

During the internship, interns will participate in the design and production of propaganda materials for PSA under the tutor’s guide. 

If you want to apply for this position, you’re required to submit your personal works.

Showcasing designer &Promotion commissioner for APS (A Power Store)


  • Design or marketing-related major preferred.
  • Familiar with the style of PSA products.
  • Good sense for showcasing of products in stores preferred.
  • Knowledge for consumption habits and preference of PSA target consumers required.
  • Knowledge in popularization mode of e-commerce required.

During the internship, interns may participate in the design and management of ASP.(Working in APS outside of the PSA in possible.)

Campus Liaison

No requirement for major.

Fond of all art activities in campus.

One who is familiar with application process of campus activities or keeps close touch with teachers or has the experience of organizing lectures will be preferred.

(Interns for this position have no fixed work hour.)

Event Assistant


  • Arts or normal-related major preferred.
  • Delicate and elaborate in work.
  • Certain ability in word editing, event organizing and basic photographing.
  • Sufficient time for event planning, contacting and site management.

Interns may need to work on weekends and holidays.

*The positions above are not bound to any department. Interns will be send to different departments according to the actual situation.

Requirements for internship

The position is valid until 2017.8.31.

Interns have to make sure 3 days’ work time per week. The total internship time shall not be less than 400 hours. (For summer vacation, the minimum time will be 300 hours.) 

  1. 25-yuan allowance per day
  2. Delicious lunch and meals for working extra hours.
  3. Internship certificate or letter of recommendation.
  4. Kind seniors will help and resolve your questions during internship.
  5. Free to join all the exhibitions and events in PSA during internship. Get free tickets for families.
  6. Get 15% off in APS and Power Café.
  7. Get an album for your favorite exhibition.
  8. Within one year after the end of the internship, if you apply for a job in PSA, you will get priority access to the interview and recommendation.

How to apply

Please send an e-mail with your resume and the position you apply for to We will respond within one week through e-mail or telephone to make a reservation for interview. Within three days after the interview, we will determine whether to hire. We are looking forward to see your talent!

About Power Station of Art
About the Power Station of Art

Established on October 1, 2012, the Power Station of Art (PSA) is the first state-run museum dedicated to contemporary art in mainland China. It is also home to the Shanghai Biennale.

Renovated from the former Nanshi Power Plant, PSA was once the Pavilion of Future during the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. The museum has not only witnessed the city’s vast changes from the industry age to the IT era, but also provided a rich source of inspirations for artists with its simple yet straightforward architectural styles.

And as Shanghai’s generator for its new urban culture, PSA regards non-stopping innovation and progress as the key to its long-term vitality. The museum has been striving to provide an open platform for the public to learn and appreciate contemporary art, break the barrier between life and art, and promote cooperation and knowledge generation between different schools of art and culture.