On the Stream: Toyo Ito Notebook Ito Toyo

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A Power Store

A Power Store, the name of the pop-up store of PSA(Power Station of Art) . It appears on the 1st, 2nd ,3th and 5th floor, light and changeable. It talks to the contemporary art and folk art, as well as to the architecture and troubadour life. It compliments the lust of art and exquisite consumption.

No.: P0ZWJ0023

Producer/ Brand: PSA

Size: 125(w) x 175(h) x 25(d) /mm

Retail Price: RMB 68.00 dollars


Since 2013, PSA has started the exhibitions and research of “Architecture and City”. A series of themed exhibition and activities will be held and cooperated with publishing program. “A Power Store” will sale a series of notebook for each architecture exhibition correspondingly. Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects specially designed the pattern on notebook of “On the Stream”. Matching with Italy metal mesh, those patterns can be seen as more active and dynamic. The printing of notebook is exquisite, creative and has wonderful texture. The size is also small, portable and convenient for writing and recording.


Above 30 Chinese and Japanese bilingual quotations are recorded with some design graph of selected main project of Ito in the inner pages of notebook. When you use it to record your feelings, you may have special inspiration.