On the stream: Catalogue (Special Edition) Ito Toyo

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A Power Store

A Power Store, the name of the pop-up store of PSA(Power Station of Art) . It appears on the 1st, 2nd ,3th and 5th floor, light and changeable. It talks to the contemporary art and folk art, as well as to the architecture and troubadour life. It compliments the lust of art and exquisite consumption.

On the stream: Catalogue (Special Edition)

No.: P0CBW0113

Press: Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House

Size: 142(w) x 142(h) x 40(d)/mm; 148 pages

Retail Price: RMB 258.00


This catalogue of “Toyo Ito: On the Stream” can be seen as the special gift to audience, attaching eight exquisite little catalogues. Calling the exhibition theme “On the Stream”, the cover page of catalogue is used all-in-one concave-convex pattern, providing the visual effect and texture of ripple.


Silver pressed design is used in eight little catalogues, indicating the architectural style of Toyo Ito which are dynamic, light and perceptual. The first catalogue includes detail introduction, concept of exhibition, layout and related information of “On the Stream” exhibition. Other catalogues are named with the works’ number, are the main past works selected by Ito.


Each little catalogue which introduces details, shows to the audience not only the outdoor scene photo, but also the whole process of the production of each work, including early ideas and concepts, continuously repeated analysis of design scheme, details of process and realization of Ito. Hope this catalogue can help you deeply understand the architectural design of Toyo Ito with relax and open mind.